2019 ALPMA LexisNexis Thought Leadership Awards Nominations

Information for Nominators

Thank you for your interest in nominating an innovative project conducted by a law firm or legal department for the ALPMA LexisNexis Thought Leadership Awards.

The Awards provide a fantastic opportunity for firms to gain recognition for innovative projects and strategic initiatives that have successfully addressed one or more of the many and varied challenges facing the Australasian legal industry and have made a positive impact.

Anyone (employees, suppliers, customers etc.) may nominate a firm for an award.

You may nominate any kind of project or initiative as long as it meets the following criteria:

  • Must be implemented in the last year
  • Must demonstrate thought leadership and innovation (i.e. a new or different way of doing something)
  • Must demonstrate project success and quantify this where possible (e.g. time saving, financial benefit, quality improvement, satisfaction rating etc.)
  • Must demonstrate a positive impact as a result of the project (e.g. for partners/owners, staff, customers and/or the profession)
  • Must be undertaken at an ALPMA member's law firm or legal department. We will contact you if the nominated company does not support an ALPMA member.

Please note that it is your responsibility as a nominator to ensure the firm you are nominating is willing to be put forward for an Award and willing to share the information provided in this nomination publicly.

Each finalist will be required for filming on Monday, 12 August 2019 with the location provided once the nomination period has closed (NZ Firms not required to travel to Australia for filming and alternate arrangements will be made). Please ensure upon submitting your nomination that this date is suitable for the relevant people/person.  Remember to keep a record locally of your nomination content for future reference, prior to submitting the form.

Extended Deadline! Nominations Closing Date:  Friday, 19 July 2019
For any inquiries relating to the 2019 ALPMA LexisNexis Thought Leadership Awards, please email Angelique Cooper.

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